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DFA ServiceNow FAQ & Tips

Which type of ticket should I submit?  Request item or Incident?

Incidents are submitted when the system is not functioning as designed or is broken. These tickets are monitored more closely and reviewed in weekly meetings with FSS, OIT FITS team and the business leads.

Requests are for change requests, day to day maintenance, or support. The system is functioning as designed, but it may not be functioning as desired. Change request could be minor configuration updates or an enhancement request that requires development and follows the change management process. There are many tickets on the DFA Service Catalog and each has a Service Catalog page to explain what the purpose of that request is.


What is the difference between Comments and Work Notes?

Comments – When you need to communicate with the end user that submitted the request. Posting a comment in this field will trigger an email from ServiceNow to those listed in the follwoing fields: requested for, opened by, and the watch list.  To send an email to an end user that is not part of the ticket, use the three dot icon in the top navigation and select the email option. You may add anyone to the email distribution. Replies to the email will post back to the ticket.

Work notes – are your own notes and comments or communication you need to have with other fulfillers. Remember to tag the fulfiller using the @ sign and their name when you want them to be notified via email.  Note: only DFA fulfillers have the ability to view work notes, this field is not viewable to the end user or other groups.


Fulfiller's Responsibilities

  • Assign the ticket to yourslef
  • Post comments and work notes on the progress
  • Mark tasks complete to move the workflow forward
  • Follow up with submitter if timely response is not provided
  • Close the ticket by completing the last task in the workflow


DFA & CBS2 Ticket Maintenance

New or Modify: To request a new ticket, or to update an existing ticket (content change in the form or the workflow steps), submit the FSS System Maintenance Request and select ServiceNow from the drop down chioce. 

Assignment Group Updates: To add or remove users in a DFA or CBS2 fulfillment group, submit the DFA General Request and choose FSS as the department. Please be sure to provide the users UCM NetID and the name of the fulfillment group.