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Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) and POET

What is the Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA)?

The Common Chart of Accounts (CoA) is an accounting tool that organizes what the university spends and the funding sources of those expenses by segments. A combination of these segments is called a chartstring. Chartstrings tell where the money comes from and where it goes, enabling reporting and analysis across campus. Because the CoA is "common" across the UC system, reporting and analysis are possible at a systemwide level.

What are POET and POETAF?

POET refers to additional values required from the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) sub-ledger in Oracle ERP.

  • P = Project #
  • O = Financial/HR unit
  • E = Expenditure Type (Account)
  • T = Task #

Another set of values, POETAF, is for externally awarded projects and adds the required attributes A (Award #) and F (Fund).

Quick Videos about CCoA, POET

Tools for Determining CCoA Values