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New Requisition Workflows in Oracle, Concur Launched

July 18, 2023

Updates were launched successfully Friday in Oracle and Concur that streamline the requisition workflow for research administrators and fiscal approvers.

The RA workflow in Oracle is now based on the assigned RA for each project attribute. Projects will no longer require a secondary signoff by a fiscal approver. It is recommended that unapproved requisitions submitted before Friday be withdrawn and resubmitted to generate the new workflow.

In Concur, expense reports and Request ID (PTA) charged to contracts and grants now route automatically to RAs for review and approval before going to an HR unit approver for final signoff.

I thank all of our campus stakeholders, especially those in the research community, for helping to make these streamlining strategies possible. A special thanks to the DFA teams – particularly Financial Systems Support – that helmed this initiative.


Kurt Schnier

Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer