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Transition of Internally Funded Projects to General Ledger: Details, Impacts

June 28, 2022

Effective July 1, UC Merced’s internally funded projects will no longer require project portfolio management (PPM) attributes for transactions (e.g. requisitions/purchase orders, invoices, Concur) commonly known as POET. Historical data of the affected projects will continue to be accessible in the PPM sub-ledger and the general ledger (GL), but all transactions going forward will live only in the general ledger.

The goal of this change is to simplify the management of projects that do not have external billing or reporting requirements.

Questions and Answers

Am I impacted by this?

  • Project values already considered “GL Only” – those with the PRJ prefix – are not impacted by the transition.

  • Project values prefixed with CNT, GNT, CMN, CMJ, CCR and CDM are not impacted by the transition.

  • All other PPM projects will be converted to GL projects and will be treated as general ledger projects for both actuals and budget.

  • Impacted projects previously saved as a favorite in Oracle will need to be converted to a COA in your Requisition Preferences to prevent an error message when entering a requisition. This video shows users how to create and save favorite COAs in Oracle .


  • Transitioning projects’ detailed financial activity for transactions with accounting dates of June 30 or earlier are retrievable via the Faculty Portfolio Report .

  • Transitioning projects’ detailed financial activity for transactions with accounting dates of July 1 or later are retrievable via the GL Transaction Report or via Oracle Account Monitor .

  • Budget information for these will be available through SmartView.

  • Transitioning projects may have inconsistent end dates when compared with the GL. The PPM sub-ledger will show a June 30 end date, but the actual end date will be the one shown in the GL.

  • For Purchase Requisitions, saved project values for previous PPM projects will no longer work; these values will need to be removed or updated to reflect the GL-only COA.

What reports are available to me?

  • GL Transaction and Campus Procurement reports, including invoices, purchase orders and campus P2P reports.

  • Training and other resources about purchasing are in the Oracle Toolkit .

How to get a new project value via DFA ServiceNow

Budget adjustment

  • ServiceNow tickets will no longer be available for budget adjustments on converted PPM-to-GL projects.

  • Budget adjustment for the converted projects will mirror the process of existing (PRJ, Default) GL projects. Departments will be required to create a decision package in UCMPlan. Financial Planning & Analysis will review the budget adjustment and approve according to guidelines.

  • Budget adjustment for PPM projects not converting to GL projects will follow an adjusted process via ServiceNow tickets to be processed by FP&A.