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FAQ: Equity Program for Staff Salaries

Here are some questions and answers about the staff equity program for salaries, scheduled to begin July 1 (the start of the 2022-23 fiscal year). Please read the March 24 announcement of the program.

What is the staff equity program?

The program is a campus-wide effort to compensate non-represented staff appropriately, based on market norms for positions and other considerations.

How is the program being funded?

The university allocated $200,000 in Fiscal Year 2021-22 toward a staff equity program with a commitment to match it in Fiscal Year 2022-23. On March 24, 2002, it was announced that funds totaling approximately $352,320 would be used in FY23 for market equity compensation adjustments. The remainder of the $400,000 allocated to the program will be carried forward for distribution in FY24.

How many staff are affected?

Approximately 98 non-represented staff will receive market equity adjustments.

How will affected staff be notified?

Staff will be notified directly. In addition, distribution sheets will be sent to vice chancellors who have affected employees in their division or unit.

When will the salary adjustments take effect?

Adjustments will first appear on April 29, 2022 checks for monthly employees and on April 27, 2022 checks for bi-weekly employees.

Who is eligible for the salary equity program?

To be eligible, an employee must:

  • Be non-represented, policy-covered staff.

  • Be in a staff career appointment.

  • Have been employed at UC Merced for at least 12 consecutive months and be non-probationary from the effective date of the program.

  • Have a “successfully met expectations (3)” or better rating in the last fiscal year performance review.

  • Have not had a reclassification or equity adjustment effective Jan. 1, 2022 or later.

Are represented employees eligible?

No. Compensation for represented staff is governed by their collective bargaining agreements which can be found on UC Net .

What is market equity?

It is the effort to align salaries to market salary data , as measured by reviewing and tracking market trends and annual market survey data.

Why does UC Merced use a market-based pay approach?

It is done in an effort to be a competitive employer, to align with compensation across the UC system, and to have an analytical means to pay fairly and equitably.

What is a compa-ratio?

It is a formula used by the compensation industry: (current salary/market midpoint) x 100

According to general industry practice, most salaries should fall between 10% to 20% below midpoint and 10% to 20% above midpoint.

Where are UC Merced staff salaries positioned?

As of February 2020:

  • 17% of salaries fall below 80% compa-ratio

  • 83% are above 80% compa-ratio

  • 80% fall between 80% and 120% compa-ratio