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UCM Plan Data Issue Resolved

March 15, 2022
To: UCM Plan Users
Updated March 15: We are happy to report that the issue reported concerning UCM Plan users and budget data load transformation between Projects Cube and Financials Cube has been resolved. Financial users can now use the Summary Totals in Financials Cube.
Original Communication March 4: The Financial Systems Support team, along with Financial Planning and Analysis, are working to identify and correct a data transformation load issue between the Project Cube and the Financials Cube in UCM Plan.
Within UCM Plan/SmartView only for PPM Projects, when obtaining Total Budgeted Expense users are advised to use the Project Cube information rather than the Financials Cube due to an intermittent issue with data transformation integrity.
The impact is that Financials Cube information in SmartView for Total Budgeted Expense is incorrect if any PPM Projects exist in the data being summarized.
Financial users are advised not to use the Summary Totals in Financials Cube in UCM Plan/SmartView at this time as this information is currently inaccurate.
Budget Call Planning Impacts: Multi-Year Budget information in UCPLAN is not impacted as there are little to no PPM projects present in those budgets. We believe this will allow units to continue their planning efforts on the FY2023 budget call for their recurring budget.
We thank you for your patience and will update the user community with information as it arises.
Emily Bustos
Executive Director, Financial Systems Support
Bianca Khanona
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Financial Planning & Analysis
Amanda Preston-Nelson
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller