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Research Newsletter Report, May 13, 2022

May 13, 2022

Our Oracle Data Integrity Project continues its effort to align the project sub-ledger with the general ledger. To date, they have put together alignment plans for 50% of the 214 contract and grant accounts that require alignment and 58% of the 259 internally managed accounts (e.g., incidentals, start-up). We have not worked on the 130 misaligned gift funds at this time, but in total we have aligned 43% of all 603 accounts.

The alignment of the ledgers is required before we can verify account budgets, but this effort continues in parallel. This past week we began a process of working with RAs to ensure we jointly agree on the budget verification of contracts and grants. We greatly appreciate the RAs' partnership in this effort and will provide updates on this progress shortly.


We are seeing a surge in travel on campus as many of you are resuming your normal travel operations. This has highlighted a few areas of process improvement that our team will be working on in the coming months to facilitate your travel. Given the higher ticket volume in travel right now, we encourage everyone to proactively plan your travel early and reach out to our CBS2 staff directly should you encounter issues.

Kurt Schnier

Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer