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Research Newsletter Report 8/05/22

August 5, 2022

The finance team continues to work diligently on fiscal close and has cleaned up much of the incorrect and incomplete data that occurred during FY22. This will significantly increase consistency between the project sub-ledger, where contracts and grants are maintained, and the general ledger.

Furthermore, with recent improvements put in place for FY23, DFA has established a process to evaluate data consistency weekly to improve the quality of the information being provided. There are a few remaining issues from FY21 that need to be addressed relating to data conversion and the university's use of the system in the later part of that fiscal year, but the team has made significant improvements.

Given that the team has improved data consistency, please remember that data accuracy -- ensuring that what is conveyed in the system matches with expectations -- is the responsibility of the PI and RA managing the grant. DFA encourages faculty members and RAs to reach out to their team and ask if inaccuracies have occurred.

As DFA moves forward with other improvements, the division is revamping invoicing processes and cleaning up many older purchase orders to improve system integrations.