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Research Newsletter Report 6/10/22

June 10, 2022

The following appeared in ORED's Research Newsletter on June 10, 2022:

DFA continues to make progress on the Oracle Data Integrity Project. Currently, the accounting team has aligned 65% of contracts and grants and 63% of internal accounts. The next steps will be to continue to increase the changes taken into production and to focus on ensuring contracts and grants are aligned by the fiscal close.

Given that DFA will transition accounting practices at fiscal close to primarily use the project sub-ledger for contracts and grants, the division will focus efforts on aligning contracts and grants for the duration of our fiscal year.

The budget alignment team also continues to make progress and has developed alignment plans for 91% of contracts and grants with identified discrepancies. They have also been able to evaluate 57% of the contracts and grants without identified discrepancies. The next step will be to work with RAs to validate the budget alignment plans for contracts and grants and take the changes into production.

Once both the accounting and budget alignment efforts have been validated and taken into production, contract and grant balances will be aligned and DFA will turn its efforts to improving reporting.