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Research Newsletter: Data Integrity Project Update

April 22, 2022

The Oracle Data Integrity Project has made progress over the past two weeks on efforts to align our general ledger and project sub-ledger, where your funds are managed. The alignment effort has focused initially on the more than 200 contracts and grants that are out of alignment, and the team has reconciled over a quarter of them.

The changes are not reflected in the system because they need to be tested before implementation, but they should be changed soon. We hope to align the remaining contract and grant accounts over the next couple of weeks.

Once we have identified the changes needed to align the accounts – in many cases still a result of missing POET information –we will be able to address any remaining issues with budget verification.

On a separate stream, we are working on a process for budget verification that incorporates information that precedes the implementation of the Oracle system in January 2021. Both of these efforts are required before you will see measurable differences in the accuracy of your accounts. However, we anticipate you should begin to see improvements in the accuracy of your account balances within a month.

The project team has been working exceptionally hard to serve the research community. They have conducted this work over the past two weeks while maintaining their current service levels. I hope you will join me in thanking them all for their efforts and dedication.