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Update to On-Site Workplan for DCC-based DFA employees

June 24, 2021


Thank you for your continued patience as we plan for the Division of Finance and Administration’s return to on-site work to support the campus. I’m reaching out to announce updates to the DFA on-site work plan schedule for our DCC-based employees.

Based on campus guidelines as of June 23, individuals working in the Downtown Campus Center (DCC) are required to wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status. There are new guidelines being finalized at the campus level that will revise this requirement based on one’s vaccination status and align with state requirements and CalOSHA. Furthermore, the campus will launch our on-line vaccination reporting system shortly so you can document your compliance with the vaccination requirement. The most up-to-date information will be posted here.

For return to on-site work, my initial plan was to have the entire Division return starting July 1 and for all of our Auxiliary departments to continue to be on-site. Given that the vaccination requirement is to be satisfied by Aug. 4, and that our public safety requirements will be based on our campus vaccination rates, I have decided to alter the Division’s return-to-work timeline. Specifically:

  • I now recommend that DFA staff members begin to return to the DCC for on-site work on Thursday July 1, but on an interval and time period that best suits your personal needs.
  • DCC-based DFA employees will not be required to report to on-site work until Monday, Aug. 2. You are encouraged to use the month of July to become accustomed to returning to the DCC for work.
  • Required on-site work will begin Monday, Aug. 2 with the expectation that you are on-site 20% of the time (over a two-week period). We will then resume the original plan to be on-site 40% (over a two-week period) of the time beginning Monday, Aug. 23.
  • Should a DCC-based DFA employee be interested in returning to on-site work starting July 1, you are more than welcome to return, provided you contact to coordinate logistics along with ensuring adherence to health guidelines noted at the Campus Ready website.
  • Up-to-date guidance regarding face coverings, distancing requirements, staff information and additional on-site protocols are available here.
  • In addition, please take a few minutes to complete a telecommute agreement form. The current agreement expires Wednesday, June 30, and a completed form is required for all staff employees who will be on a hybrid work schedule. Tips on how to complete the online form, along with background and guidance about hybrid schedules, are available here.
  • If you have questions about any of this information, please reach out to

I encourage you to use the time between now and Aug. 2 to begin to become comfortable with returning to on-site work. Perhaps you can hold an in-person meeting with colleagues for a portion of a day or just return to your DCC workstation for a short while to become used to being on-site. But whether you choose to begin your transition to onsite work on July 1 or later, I look forward to seeing you when you are there.


Kurt Schnier

Interim Vice Chancellor / Chief Financial Officer