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Workforce Administration

What is Workforce Administration?

Workforce Administration (WFA) is UC Merced's new way to manage the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. With the new system, managers can initiate personnel data changes and actions such as appointment position and funding management, classification, hiring, role changes, salary increases, and payroll processing. Using Keymark's OnBase document management system, WFA keeps a history of the employee, their relationship to the campus, and their jobs. It replaces the eDoc record management system.

When Will Workforce Administration Launch?

Beta testing of the WFA system began in November 2018 with a small group of campus participants.

Based on feedback and suggestions from the campus pilot users, the WFA team decided to pause the rollout time frame.

The WFA team is assessing the system and making refinements and revisions. They also are using feedback on WFA’s training platform to improve that experience.

Workforce Administration Roles

Workforce Administration will implement role-based workflows.  Here are the "roles" in the WFA system. 

  • Position Manager: Responsible for establishing, along with the Hiring Manager, the workforce plan for the division. Position Managers also have the authority to assign WFA roles in the division.
  • Position Delegate: Responsible for approving, denying or making edits to a Position Request throughout the workflow, on behalf of the Position Manager and the established division workforce plan. The Position Delegate has the authority to approve exception requests.
  • Hiring Manager: Responsible for submission of requests for WFA. Hiring Managers have the authority to set hiring salary ranges and identify salary offering based on their assigned budgets.
  • Hiring Delegate: Responsible for managing the recruitment process. Normally, a Hiring Delegate is the direct supervisor for the position being recruited.
  • Account Manager: Responsible for identifying that the listed FAU(s) have available funds for the proposed personnel commitments.

Workforce Administration Goals

Workforce Administration will allow for single platform submission of hiring and employee administration forms.  The successful implementation and adoption of these processes are an essential part of the campus’ initiative to modernize systems and processes and are also a foundational component of the overall Human Capital Management strategy (HCM) being implemented at UC Merced

  • Consistent workflows with built-in compliance that create the foundation for a culture of continuous improvement
  • Enable a sustainable centralized solution for Campus-wide UCPath transactions
  • Enable operational decision-makers with the right information for strategic human capital resource management
  • Create clear roles and responsibilities for both operational management and Human Resources to minimize reactive work.