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Wire Transfer Request


Submit a wire transfer request to send a payment to a foreign vendor by electronically transferring monies from UCM’s bank account directly to the supplier’s bank account.

Requests for a wire transfer should only be made when making a payment to a foreign supplier whose bank account is not located within the US and when no other form of payment is accepted.

Wire Transfer Request should include the following:

  • Supplier Number – A supplier number is required when submitting your request, and that can only be provided after the payee has been setup by Supplier Support in Oracle.
  • Wire Transfer Request Form - A completed and signed approved by Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) or Departmental Approver.
  • Copy of invoice (if applicable)
  • Location of Service – location of service should be documented on the PO, invoice, or via email from the supplier.
  • Banking information is included on invoice, or via email from supplier
  • Foreign Currency add 10% to the PO for conversion rate

Note: A minimum threshold of $200 is required to process a wire transfer.

What can I expect to after submitting this request?

Wire transfer requests will be processed in approximately 7-10 business days. To ensure timely processing of your request you will need to submit a completed form and support documentation.

Additional Resources

Payment Formatting Rules – A tool that can be used to determine the payment formatting rules for each country.