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PI Equipment Transfer


This form should be used to notify Equipment Management when a faculty member is moving to a new institution and is requesting the transfer of equipment. A new institution includes other UC locations and other Universities, Colleges, and Institutes of higher learning. This process is governed by BFS BUS 38, and can be found in Section V.D.

Note: No sale may occur – and no property shall be removed from the University location – before all necessary procedures have been completed, all necessary approvals have been obtained in writing, and full payment has been received.

In no case shall University-owned property become the personal property of the departing faculty member; title shall always vest with the recipient institution.

What can I expect after submitting the ticket?

Requests take 5 - 15 weeks to fulfill, depending upon response from faculty member and successor institution.

  • Equipment Management will review the request.
  • Equipment Management will notify Sponsored Projects to verify that there are no restrictions on the equipment, and to determine if the transfer is a “no cost” transfer.
  • Equipment Management will determine the fair market value of the equipment and include that information in the document.
  • Equipment Management will forward the request to the Department Head and the Department Dean for approval.
  • Once the request is approved, Equipment Management will draw up a bill of sale, submit it to the successor institution for signature, notify accounts payable, and request a purchase order.
  • When payment has been made, Equipment Management will contact the faculty member and the department equipment custodian so they can make arrangement to remove the equipment.