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Equipment Management – General Requests


This form should be used for departments to request information regarding policy and procedures around equipment management and surplus property. Some topics include:

  • Schedule an appointment to visit the Surplus Warehouse.
  • Request access to the equipment database
  • Receive email updates of available Surplus Property
  • Information regarding surplus property policy & procedures.
  • Information regarding inventorial equipment policy & procedures.
  • Information regarding fabrication policy & procedures.
  • Other requests.
Who can request this Service?

Requests can be submitted by Faculty/Staff/CBS2.

What can I expect after submitting the ticket?

Requests take 3 - 10 days to fulfill.

Equipment Management will review the request and respond to the requester.

What are the operating hours for the service provided?

Support for this service is provided during standard operating hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Support for the Surplus Warehouse fluctuates depending upon the workload of the surplus staff.

How do I Stop or Change this Service?

Requests to stop or change a ticket can be made by closing the request, or by requesting request closure in the comments of the request. Please include a brief explanation for the closure request.

Additional Resources

The links below will take you to the policy that governs University Equipment and Surplus Property

  • BUS-29 (pdf), which governs management and control of university equipment
  • BUS-38 (pdf), which governs disposal and transfer of university equipment