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Equipment Inventory Modification Request


Equipment Custodians use the Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) to notify Equipment Management that a change in inventory has taken place and the Equipment Register must be updated. Some of the changes that should be reported are as follows:

  • Report capitalized assets that have been lost, stolen, destroyed, traded in, requested for surplus, etc.
  • Report the acquisition of assets that have been received through sources other than purchase orders (gifts, loans, inter-campus transfers, etc.)
  • Transfer Inventorial Equipment to another department or campus.
  • Report changes of user, location, or other inventory information changes.
What can I expect after submitting the ticket?

Requests take 2 - 5 days.

  • Equipment Management will review the request.
  • If the request requires approval, Equipment Management will forward the request to the proper approver.
  • Equipment Management will update the Oracle database.