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Center for Business Services and Solutions

Taking It to the Next Level

Since 2015, UC Merced has offered centralized administrative support that meets high standards of service, maintains thorough quality control, and frees up staff to focus their energy on more integral aspects of their department. That central support, however, has been used only by a portion of campus, leaving many administrative requests and tasks to be handled within various departments and divisions.

That changes this year, as centralized administrative support for campus procurement and travel is extended to the entire campus with the Center for Business Services and Solutions, or CBS2.

CBS2 builds on the foundation of excellent service standards, quality monitoring and time-saving automation started in 2015 by the Administrative Coordination Team (ACT). Many members of the CBS2 team have sharpened their acumen for serving the university through years of service within ACT or with administrative functions across campus.

CBS2 will provide administrative support in:

  • Procurement (campus-wide)
    • General purchasing
    • Invoice processing
  • New vendor set‐up (campus-wide)
  • Travel (campus-wide)
    • Travel reimbursements
    • Travel reservations
  • Human Resources (opt-in by unit)
    • Personnel/payroll requests
  • Finance (opt in by unit)
    • Recharge processing
    • Non‐PEARs
    • Monthly budget reconciliations

For more about CBS2, including a full list of services, visit its website.