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Accounts Receivables


Financial & Accounting Services provides accounting and financial services to the campus community. We provide informational and technical service related to non-sponsored project billing for a variety of needs. Requests can include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Collection Status Request:

  • Collection Status – General support for inquiring about the status of collection of outstanding balances owed against specific billing invoices or billing accounts. Collections are managed by the UCM Central Office and should not be managed by the service provider that requested the Invoice Generation service unless otherwise specifically instructed to do so (due to the requirements of the UCOP collection policy). Include invoice number and customer name with the request.

Refund Request:

  • Refund Request – Technical assistance with processing an overpayment refund. Overpayments are typically driven by duplicate customer payments or adjustments to billed charges after payments have been received. For requests to adjust billed charges, see Invoice Generation requests. Include invoice number and customer name.

Manual Interface Journal Request:

  • Manual Interface Journal – Technical assistance with processing sub-system accounting entries for external invoicing systems (TAPS NuPark, ECEC NOHO, NRS Field Station Reservation systems). Include transaction details in an excel workbook format.

Invoice Generation Request:

  • Invoice Generation – General support for invoicing various outside customers (non-sponsored). Invoice generation includes creating new, modifying existing, and distributing/redistributing invoices. Include billed item details (item, quantity, description), customer billing information (legal entity name, billing address, distribution method preference), COA sting for revenue activity to be recorded in, and a copy of the fully executed agreement associated with the billing activity.
Who can request this Service?

Requests can be submitted by any member of the UC Merced community with a UCM NetID/Password.

What can I expect after submitting this ticket?

Financial & Accounting Services will review the request details and will communicate with the requestor if any additional information is needed.

Requests will be updated to keep the requestor informed of the status or fulfillment of the request. All correspondence will be performed via the request comments.

The request will be reviewed within 3 business days.

What are the operating hours for the service provided?

Support for this service is provided during standard operating hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00p.m., Monday through Friday.

How do I Stop or Change this Service?

If you no longer want to proceed with the ticket requested, request the ticket be closed in the comment section. Include a brief explanation for future references.