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Workforce Administration

What is Workforce Administration (WFA)?

WFA is UC Merced's new way to manage the Employee Lifecycle. Within the new system managers are able to initiate personnel data changes and actions such as appointment position and funding management, hiring, promotion, salary increases and payroll processing. WFA is the system of record that stores information about the person, their relationship(s) to the campus, and their job(s). WFA keeps a history of the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire. Watch the video to find out more:

When Will Workforce Administration (via OnBase) Launch?

WFA will roll out in a staggered implementation with the following timeline (subject to change):

  • Phase I: Staff Transactions
    • June 17th - Training by Roles Begin
    • June 28th - System Implementation (sunset of edoc)
  • Phase II: Undergraduate Student Transactions
    • July 15th - Training by Roles Begin
    • July 31st - System Implementation
  • Phase III: Academic Payroll Transactions
    • September - Training by Roles Begin
    • October - System Implementation

Each rollout includes the following phases:

  • Engagement and Orientation with Division Leadership
  • Identification of Roles by Division
  • Orientation & Training by Roles
  • Feedback and Review

More about the system:

Goals of Workforce Administration:

WFA will allow for single platform submission of hiring and employee administration forms.  The successful implementation and adoption of these processes are an essential part of the campus’ initiative to modernize systems and processes and are also a foundational component of the overall Human Capital Management strategy (HCM) being implemented at UC Merced

  • Consistent workflows with built-in compliance that create the foundation for a culture of continuous improvement
  • Enable a sustainable centralized solution for Campus-wide UCPath transactions
  • Enable operational decision-makers with the right information for strategic human capital resource management
  • Create clear roles and responsibilities for both operational management and Human Resources to minimize reactive work.

Roles within WFA: 

Workforce Administration will implement role-based workflows that utilize Onbase as the content management platform.  The following "Roles" participate in the WFA system. 

  • Position Manager: The Position Manager is ultimately responsible for establishing, along with the Hiring Manager, the workforce plan for the division. In addition, Position Managers have the authority to assign WFA roles within the division.
  • Position Delegate: The Position Delegate is responsible for approving, denying, or making edits to a Position Request throughout workflow, on behalf of the Position Manager and the established division workforce plan. Position Delegate has authority to approve exception requests within WFA.
  • Hiring Manager: The Hiring Manager is responsible for submission of requests for WFA. Hiring Managers have the authority to set hiring salary ranges and identify salary offering based on their assigned budgets.
  • Hiring Delegate: The Hiring Delegate is responsible to manage the recruitment process. Normally a Hiring Delegate is the direct supervisor for the position being recruited.
  • Account Manager: Responsible for identifying that the listed FAU(s) have available funds for the proposed Personnel commitments.

What Changes Can You Anticipate?

Are you hiring Academic positions? Recruitment does not change. Payroll will be processed in the new system. 
Are you hiring undergrad students or staff? We have trainings coming soon to acclimate you with the new system.

Do you have a role in the system?
Employee Transactions
When You Can Expect Training:
Contact For More:
See "Roles within WFA" to learn more. Staff Mid-June
Staff Transactions
Rubi Turner
See "Roles within WFA" to learn more. Undergraduate Students Mid-July
Undergraduate Student Transactions
Michelle Synder
See "Roles within WFA" to learn more.

Academic (TAs, Grads, etc)

Academic Transactions
Becky Gubser