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Bobcat Buy

What is Bobcat Buy?

Bobcat Buy is a new toolset which will ultimately enhance the way we procure and pay for the goods and services that further our teaching, research and public service mission. The effort to deploy Bobcat Buy is multiphase in nature and will lead to the replacement of the existing CatBuy system. Bobcat Buy is built on the Jaggaer procurement platform, a global leader in higher education business software and UC’s strategic partner for procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions.

Simply put, Bobcat Buy is the most streamlined purchasing process on campus with the lowest overhead cost per transaction.

It contains more than 20 of the most popular suppliers and more suppliers will be added on a consistent basis. It has lab essentials, computing equipment and peripherals, office supplies, and more.

Order and approve from anywhere you have internet access and use your mobile device to approve orders via email or the Mobile App and make sure that your supplies end up where they need to be--in your office or lab, not on a delivery truck or in a supplier's warehouse. Bobcat Buy is the easiest way to buy from contracted suppliers, complete with automatic payments.

The Bobcat Buy Launch is Complete!

Bobcat Buy has successfully rolled out to the campus.

Do you need access to shop for your department? If so, take the LMS Training located in the UCM Learning Center It only takes 20 minutes to complete all three short modules!

Once you complete the Bobcat Buy Training, Procurement Services will automatically be notified and we will begin the provisioning process, which takes approximately one to two business days.

Do you need to be set up as an approver? Contact your MSO/CAO to discuss how approvers are set up for your department and if you need to be added. Your MSO/CAO manages these roles and approvals and will determine next steps.

You will then be a click away from Direct Buying with access to millions of products!

A special thanks to all Staff and Faculty that helped make this rollout a success.

Project News

Update on Supply Chain Modernization Initiative

July 18, 2018 | I am writing to provide you with good news regarding the campus’s ongoing work to update the efficiency of its procurement systems. Beginning this fall, Finance and Administration’s Office of Procurement and Contracting Services will begin implementation of Bobcat Buy, a new toolset which will . . . [read more].